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Saturday, July 28, 2018

ITS: The End Of The Story

ITS: The End Of The Story

by Alfred Lehmberg

...Remember the end of the story? We'll get there in a minute.

The beginning of the story, one recalls, revealed individuals selected of a pool from which astronauts would later be drawn.  These selectively sieved persons, highly trained, intelligent, and brave, were ordered to fly out in state-of-the-art jet aircraft to meet with their inevitable opposition. Only, forgetting they must have acquitted themselves gloriously whatever their fate, most of them had never signed on for this brand of opposition. 

See, they'd fly right into the teeth of the unknown unknown: unidentified flying objects. That's right, UFOs. That's where the data seems to go, even if off our established rails. Some of these pilots and crew, by the way, were never again seen, man or machine. Poof.

Well acknowledged Standing Orders were to shoot "noncompliant" UFOs down, remember, wherever they were encountered... and "non-compliant." Laughable, but those were the orders of the day.

A conjecture, reader, that shots were never fired at UFOs is just ludicrous beyond the testimony of at least one four-star General. He reported "many men and machines lost" in certainly countable armed rejoinders, a testimony to how serious the official responses to UFOs actually were. Disclosure of a sort, eh?

A leader for the Air Force's official investigatory body wrote of "other, more lurid duels of death." He minced no words as he otherwise complained of the lack of proper funding for his effort. UFOs must have been "investigated," of needs. Where did the real money go? I digress.

Feschino and Friedman hold blow-up of a Newspaper headline 
published during the Summer Of Saucers, 1952.

It's no leap to conjecture an aerial engagement where early official admissions, recorded losses, and numerous eye-witness accounts bear out data pointing to exactly that. Gird barbarian loins, pilgrims, for undeclared and secret (even as announced!) airwar with ET in 1952. Such would appear to be so. 

...Sounds crazy. Yeah yeah. Sure sure. No apologies, here. 

We had our own aircraft losses, unexplained... or badly explained. We know about them. Verily, we had ours crashing into schools and subdivisions! 

Yet... chasing UFOs? The report, this writer recalls, was that the unarmed aircraft above crashed with an unejected pilot (?), due to fuel starvation... only... the aircraft explosion and fire testified to a profundity of fuel (it appears also to this former Master Aviator) and the area was hazarded to firefighters a result of exploding munitions.

But wait! How about similar "downed aircraft" incidents involving supposed occupants of those UFOs aforementioned? They're being shot at, after all. ...And on that subject of alien defenses, one can say what one will about alien "countermeasures," superior to "mere human" munitions... but 10 pounds of high explosive on the business end of a 2.75 folding fin aerial rocket arriving at point of impact, just under the speed of sound, must complicate even ET's physics!

Cut to Flatwoods, West Virginia in the same year... at the end of our story, now. September 12th. A warm Indian Summer evening and some kids are playing football in a valley schoolyard. Abruptly, a flaming fireball (a distressed alien craft?) coasts low and slow over their heads from the east-north-east, hangs a 90 degree left turn to the south, and then lands behind the trees on a hilltop of the old Bailey Fischer farm. 

This spot is well known to the locals and only a short distance away. The kids will run and get one of their mothers, who will think to bring a flashlight, then all will troop up the hill to investigate. Someone said UFO in the excitement (it was the season for them after all) but "downed aircraft" was on everyone's mind.  

Who would have thought, "both"? ...A low creeping fog gathered as they made their excited accent up paths and through gates... gates they'd hurdle on the way back down.

...Our very "highly strange" incident would ensue.

May confronts the monster...

Enter Ivan T. Sanderson. One of the first few named researchers on-site only five days after the now very much renowned event of that night of the 12th, he was a reputational worthy and not one to reflexively dismiss the high strangeness surrounding the event as too impossible to seriously regard. That was not this investigator's style.

It's what ITS did...

No, Sanderson was no credulous buffoon fluffing a bizarre occurrence for an edge reputation, an initiative so popular today. He liked getting to the actual bottoms of things. He was a man very highly regarded.

He was a well-out-of-his-armchair, world-class educated, and literate literary who wouldn't be cowed or bullied even by the likes of a forceful John Nebel (An earlier and more credible Art Bell) in a radio interview regarding this, our... end of the story. The reader will recall that this was the end, as ends were had.

The end of 1952's "Summer of Saucers," flap. Flatwoods seemed to bring everything to a close. The end of official open-mindedness and forthcomingness as cover-up became the increasing order of the day. A consequence of secret wars? ...Not; however, the end of the well-publicized orders to shoot UFOs down. Those orders may have yet to be rescinded.

Here's what ITS had to say on the subject:

Notice the sequestered witness drawings...

Later on, it would be proffered by gloating members of a disingenuous skeptibunky intelligentsia that Flatwoods people didn't know their own night forest fauna, were poisoned by hallucinogenic ground gas  (?) absent before or since, or that West Virginia "hillbillies" won't know a simple meteor from a space invader. Sanderson didn't think so. 

Sanderson, plainly not a sufferer of fools, found everyone he spoke to, examined, or interviewed to be precise, moreover, accurate, intelligent, and considered. Listen to the short Youtube interview above. He was emphatic about this.

No, this story happened, beginning, middle, and end. But for one Frank C. Feschino, Jr. we would know none of it and would have forgotten all of it. Spin up on this story. It's the future after all.

Read on...

Thursday, July 5, 2018

At The Gravesite...

Lieutenant John Jones

There were these fellows, brave stalwarts in the service of their duty, their honor, and their country. After their own Fourth Of July, let's pretend... it's now just some eight weeks later, September 12th, 1952... are you with me?

Walk with these men. Stanger steps are seldom taken. 

Fading in...you're a flight officer in the nascent Air Forces of the United States in 1952. This writer was four, then. You've been assigned to an airbase on the near-deserted azured green and frothy white coast of panhandle Florida. You are trained and educated to be part of the pool from which would later be drawn moon-walking astronauts. You're not arrogant, only appropriately confident; see, with few contenders of this Earth? You and your brothers would compete in an aspiration to rule Earth's skies. See links to the torrid tale at the conclusion of this piece.

As fate was determined, you go, and oddly, missing in action. It's ostensibly a "training mission," but it's the combat aviator understanding the difference between flying in training and then flying in combat. 

The only difference is the but slight increase of stuff in the air to hit... canopy breached, hot metal flashing through the plexiglass faceplate of your helmet and taking out a side of your facechurning your brain in the bucket of your headgear and then flopping down over your good eye. It happens in training. As it turns out, the evidence would point to you flying into some alternative training, Special High-Intensity Training, seriously strange and more terrifying, even, than that encounter with shrapnel or an enemy for which one is trained. 

Big sky, little bullets, remember, but then there is the unknown unknown really filling the void of one's unspeakable imagined loathing! See, you had never trained for what it looks like you were sent out to face.

Actual telegram received by the family...

Ultimately, your folks get the dreaded telegram, the well-known horror of the gold-star family. Notification that their son or daughter was missing and in dire straights or dead. There can be literally no amount of gold stars making the slightest difference... then add never getting a hint of the truth, your memory for them having been the dead guy blamed for his own misfortune and needless demise.  An errant pilot, erring.

All hopes, then, are coal to a mourning Newcastle... your folk's misery, abject. and then they hear from a man in support of the responsible for what has all the appearances of an Air Force cover-up...

There would be a small stone, quickly forgotten and overgrown. Beneath it lay forgotten dreams... and a sacrifice which has been demeaned.

After the Air Force had washed their hands of him and later on even denying his very existence to Field Investigator Frank Feschino (in two separate inquiries to different agencies trying to get to the bottom of the strange affair), he found the grave and family of Lieutenant Jones.  

Later on, and after many years, Feschino would return to the grave site and plant a few flags for 2018's fourth. He would have to give the plot a spruce up and brush time's detritus from the engravings...  remembering. Respecting.

Here lay not the man, one is reminded. His bones, aircraft, and radar operator were never recovered or seen again. He is but a memory wrongly remembered and dishonored for the convenience of suspicious secret keepers. This writer says true.

Frank C. Feschino Jr. would pose plot-side with a Newspaper article chronicling the 1952 affair. This affair would give even retiring Stanton Friedman pause, among significant others. Friedman would provide Feschino support, assist in the investigation, and write the fore an afts of all Feschino's books. 

One wonders why one couldn't be moved to call this an endorsement as close to a death-bed confession as respect and "an appropriate" allows, forgetting... live long and prosper Mr. Friedman! My point is that a guy with an unargued reputation is all in on the premise. Stepping down now as rather undefeated champion, seems he'd be more careful with a respected legacy... unless...

Regardless, Friedman would agree, I believe, pointing out the supremacy of data... unspun, it's truth.  That should mean something.

Respectful remembrance at the grave
of a forsaken hero betrayed by a
supposed need for secrecy. 

Seriously? Full-on air to air combat? An undeclared and secret air war with ET? ...Endeavoring not to presuppose, the perspicacious follow data for its leadership, it's shown. 


Part I of VI

Thinking you know, and knowing not, but pretending you know not when you do know are likely equally egregious, societally toxic, and just no way for sentient humans to live their lives.

Read on.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

American Aviation History?

Illustration likely true enough...

Our Heroes Betrayed 
The Flatwoods Monster is the end of the story...
The 65th Anniversary of the Flatwoods Monster Incident
by Alfred Lehmberg with Frank C. Feschino, Jr.

It's September 12th, 1952, and you're a flight officer in the nascent Air Forces of the United States. You've been assigned to an airbase on the azure, green, and frothy white coast of panhandle Florida. You are trained and educated to be part of the pool from which would later be drawn, moon-walking astronauts. You're not arrogant, only appropriately confident; see, with few contenders of this Earth? You and your brothers would compete to rule Earth's skies. 

Ahead: Farnsworth recoils in horror and makes a heartfelt plea, Outrage and Incredulity, Numerical justifications and red flags, ...and your air alert gets called.

Part I of VI

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

"FLATWOODS MONSTER" 65th Anniversary!

Frank C. Feschino, Jr. 
Stanton T. Friedman

65th Anniversary Show

Sept. 12, 1952 - Sept. 12, 2017
On Tuesday September 12, 2017, 
author/Illustrator Frank C. Feschino, Jr. 
and Nuclear Physicist Stanton T. Friedman
will the guests of host Dave Scott 
on Canada's "SPACED OUT RADIO."

Frank and Stanton will be discussing the 
"1952 Summer of the Saucers," 
the "Flatwoods Monster" incident
and the key 1950s UFO events, 
which led to a massive UFO 
cover-up by the United States government. 

Hailed as one of the most astounding 
close encounters in history, 
Mr. Feschino, the authority of the Flatwoods case
and UFO expert Mr. Friedman have 
captivated audiences around the world 
with their knowledge on the UFO topic! 

To listen Live:

Spaced Out Radio... We Own the Night 
We are your one stop shop for UFOlogy, 
Crypto, Paranormal and so much more.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017
9:00 pm. - Midnight PST
12:00 am. - 3:00 am. EST

The Braxton County Monster
The Cover-up of the Flatwoods Monster 
Updated & Revised Edition

by Frank C. Feschino, Jr.
Foreword and Epilogue by Stanton T. Friedman


Click Below to See 
Feschino's Documentary Video:

For more information about Feschino's books and research go to his website:

For more information about Friedman's books and research go to his website:

Official Home Page of Stanton Friedman -- Physicist, Lecturer, UFO Researcher

Monday, May 29, 2017

Frank Feschino, Jr. and Stanton Friedman!

Friedman & Feschino
"All science, all the time."

Frank Feschino, Jr. and 
Stanton Friedman...

On Tuesday June 27, 2017, 
author/Illustrator Frank C. Feschino, Jr. 
and Nuclear Physicist Stanton T. Friedman
will be the guests of host Dave Scott 
on Canada's "SPACED OUT RADIO."

Frank and Stanton will be discussing the 
"1952 Summer of the Saucers," the "Flatwoods Monster" 
incident and the key 1950s UFO events, 
which led to a massive UFO cover-up 
by the United States government. 

Hailed as one of the most astounding 
close encounters in history, 
Mr. Feschino, the authority of the Flatwoods case
and UFO expert Mr. Friedman 
have captivated audiences around the world 
with their knowledge on the UFO topic! 

To listen Live:

Spaced Out Radio... 
We Own the Night 
We are your one stop shop for UFOlogy, 
Crypto, Paranormal and so much more.

*Tuesday June 27, 2017*
9:00 pm. - Midnight PST/12:00 am. - 3:00 am. EST

The Braxton County Monster
The Cover-up of the Flatwoods Monster Revealed
Updated & Revised Edition
by Frank C. Feschino, Jr.
Foreword and Epilogue by Stanton T. Friedman

Click Below to see Feschino's Video:

Monday, September 19, 2016



SEPTEMBER 19, 1952 - SEPTEMBER 19, 2016

On Thursday, September 18, 1952, "Flatwoods Monster" witnesses Kathleen May and Eugene Lemon were accompanied to New York City by Braxton Democrat newspaperman, A. Lee Stewart, Jr. after being asked to appear on the very highly popular television talk show, We The People. The far-reaching Flatwoods incident, which Stewart broke to the news media, had peaked the interest of NBC television executives and they wanted the Braxton County residents on their television program.

The Braxton County trio was flown into New York late Thursday afternoon and stayed at the Belmont Hotel... scheduled to appear on the show the following night, September 19, 1952. On Friday afternoon, May, Lemon, and Stewart were driven to the TV studio and were greeted by the host of the show, Mr. Daniel Seymour. Off set, the "Flatwoods Monster" witnesses explained the "Flatwoods Monster" encounter to Seymour, while a sketch artist sat nearby and drew a sketch of the "Monster." 

May and Lemon explained some of the details to the sketch artist, who questioned them as he continued to sketch the figure during the interview. After the illustration was finished, the large drawing was handed off to a crew member to be used for the opening of the live TV broadcast show.

Mr. Seymour then finished talking with May, Lemon and Stewart off camera, and the crew prepped them for their imminent interviews. Cue the music, folks! 

Mr. Seymour strode out onto the set and took his place at center stage while the three Braxton County residents took their seats on set to begin their presentation. The live show began moments later when the camera focused on the master of ceremonies, Mr. Daniel Seymour. There was an eerie silence in the studio and the broadcast went live.

The show opened by setting the scenario with a soft narration while the nearby orchestra simultaneously performed soothing background music to set the atmosphere of a fall day in West Virginia. Mr. Seymour calmly began to tell the story, stating:
"Imagine a scene in the autumn dusk, in a lonely secluded spot, which you reach right after viewing a fiery meteor in the sky. This was easy to imagine. THIS WAS NOT SO EASY."

Suddenly, another camera cut to the big drawing of the "monster," which was flashed on the screen of unsuspecting American viewers as the orchestra music turned eerie and crescendoed to a feverish pitch. At that moment, history was made as a shocked American public gasped at the sight of the "Braxton County Monster" on their nascent television sets for the first time! Verily reader, the illustration of the "Flatwoods Monster" was "a lie telling a truth," but real tragedy on further investigation... enduring cheap-shots for the effect even in the beginning... 

Chief among them are regretted memories of the unreturned and long forgotten fighter pilots lost engaging those UFOs...through the wounded pride and sensibilities of the betrayed persons involved with the Flatwoods event, to the ongoing disgrace of a media continuing to misinform us today!  Such remains to be so.

See, the realistic portrayal of the Flatwoods figure was correctly described to Frank Feschino, Jr. by Mrs. May during his many interviews with her and was also described to reporter Stewart as well by May; it was as a hovering mechanical device! It was not a "Monster" wearing a dress. Feschino, a college-trained illustrator, worked closely with Mrs. May and her son Freddie and did police-style renderings of the figure to ensure it's accuracy. 

For example reader, in reference to the incorrect portrayal of the figure that was drawn by the 1952 TV artist, Mrs. May explained the following about the "monster's" arms and claws during an interview with Frank, "It looked something like antennae sticking out from it, between the body and head." During another interview, the following transpired when Feschino and May discussed the incorrect 1952 TV show drawing: 

Mrs. May: "They just told me they'd like to draw a sketch of it, and Gene and I together had told him what we'd seen, and he [artist] drew the sketch."

Feschino: "Why did he draw arms on it then, because you told me it had antennae?

Mrs. May: "I told him that too! But that's what he drew on it. To make it look more like a 'monster' I guess."

The disgrace of the media led to the incorrect portrayal of the mechanical figure and the folklore of the "Flatwoods Monster" was born! But wait, reader! There's more, much more.

On Monday, September 15, 1952, and, as pointed out above, and preceding the We the People interview (so they should have known), The Charleston Gazette newspaper posted an article containing this information about the accurate description of the so-called "monster." This information was actually obtained by A. Lee Stewart, Jr. during his interviews with the witnesses back in Flatwoods, immediately after the encounter happened. You see, Stewart was at the May home shortly after the encounter, then led a posse of armed men onto the farm where the encounter occurred, talked to the witnesses that night and later interviewed them in the following days.

The newspaper article of evidence explained, "Braxton Monster Left Skid Tracks Where He Landed—(Special to The Gazette)," actually precedes the incorrect portrayal of the TV show "Monster" drawing... by five days! Yes reader, five days! The witnesses gave the actual description regarding the "monster," at the start! The staff of the We the People program really can't claim an ignorance when it was this initial report crossing their interest threshold initially.

It "Wore a suit of green armor. Looked like a mechanical man. It had a blood-red face. It sported a black, spade-like cowl which extended a foot or more above its head." Yes, reporter Stewart got it right in his reportage.

Five days later in New York, Kathleen May was trying to describe the pipes to the artist and likened them to the rolling pleats of drapes! The artist drew... drapes. C'mon! Given the artist must have been provided Stewart's report... the artist could have just phoned that in! Eyewitness Freddie May told Feschino, "What mother described as the pleats of hanging drapes, were actually tubes running vertically." 

Freddie May added, "They were metal, they were actually metal pipes" and compared them to the thickness of a "fireman's hose." Freddie also told Frank, "I think those tubes were some sort of propulsion system. It was hovering about one-foot off the ground." May also said this of the figure, "It was mechanical; it was not alive. Maybe inside of the thing—there could have been something alive." May added, "what I saw was either a small spaceship or suit of some kind. ...Something it was wearing. It was mechanical." Feschino also queried Mrs. May the following about the body of the "Flatwoods Monster" and asked, "Did it look cloth-like or metallic?" She replied, "No! It looked more metallic." May added, 

"It was just kind of floating. It was about a foot to a foot and a half off the ground."

1952 was a Summer of Saucers followed by Presidential orders to the military to shoot those UFOs down.  Should we be surprised that one was shot down on the old Fisher farm, with others in a very turbulent West Virgina, right about now 64 years ago?

Something else, too.  We the people was a hugely successful program and sold a lot of "soap."  There would be just one more program after Flatwoods and then it went out like a candle.  Make of that what you will.


Thursday, September 15, 2016

"BASHFUL BILLY" Another Downed ET Pilot?

The Stranded Alien of WheelingWV
64th Anniversary Incident of 
September 12, 1952 UFO Events

Shortly after the "Flatwoods Monster" and "Frametown Monster" crash occupant episodes occurred in Braxton County, WV on September 12th and 13th in 1952, another huge alien "Monster" was reportedly sighted in another region of West Virginia that terrified some local witnesses. That day shrouded in mystery was Monday, September 15, 1952. This incident occurred in the northern panhandle of the state near Wheeling in the Vineyard Hills Housing Development, an area approximately five miles from Oglebay Park, a huge sprawling 1,650-acre public resort.


Vineyard Hills

Flashback three days earlier to the September 12, 1952 UFO flap. Three mid-Atlantic damaged UFOs proceeded west and went down in the United States.  They were; 1) Arcadia, Tennessee 2) Wheeling, West Virginia and 3) Flatwoods, West Virginia

Here, reader, was the second damaged UFO that went down in the Oglebay Park area near Wheeling that involving an occupant later sighted by the locals in Vineyard Hills. This crash occupant episode wasn't nearly as well-known as the two previous Braxton County close encounters - but this so-called "Monster" incident also reflects the incidence of being quickly covered up by officials. In this case it was local officials, more specifically, the Wheeling Police Department.


On September 16, 1952, an article on the front page of the 
Wheeling Intelligencer newspaper reported the following headline:
                 Powered by Suggestion?

 'Monster' From Outer Space 
Arrives Here Via 'Saucer' 
The opening of this article stated, "Bashful Billy," the monster from outer space and southern West Virginia, arrived in Wheeling by flying saucer yesterday and promptly set tongues wagging and telephones burning."

Here, reader, take note of the reflex ridicule in this statement. Curiously, the article also stated, "One call to the Intelligencer office asked if it was true that the horribly burned body of a woman was found at Vineyard Hills and that a policeman was burned mysteriously about the arm." What?! 

Now, reader, especially those who are familiar with the Braxton County incidents, read this additional reportage, "Callers also reported that an unpleasant odor was produced by the monster." 

Notice reader, the familiar bells decidedly rung between this incident and the previous two close encounters at the aforementioned Flatwoods and Frametown involving "monsters."

An officer from the Wheeling Police Department was interviewed about the incident, "Lieutenant Murphy said undoubtedly the rumors were caused by over-active imagination following yesterday's Intelligencer story of an outer-world monster, reportedly spotted in the woods near Sutton, W.Va."

This article also reported, "The Wheeling monster must have been a 'Bashful Billy,' however, as, none of the people who called the Intelligence or police had actually seen the fugitive from fairyland, but were merely passing on reports from people who had talked to people who heard about the Vineyard Hill Frankenstein."

Once again reader, the witness "over-active imagination" factor came into play here as it did in the "Flatwoods Monster" case; in 1953, Albert Chop, public liasion for the USAF told Major Donald Keyhoe the following about the witnesses involved in the "Flatwoods Monster" encounter: "The group did see two glowing eyes, probably those of a large owl perched on a limb. Underbrush below may have given the impression of a giant figure. IN THEIR EXCITEMENT THEY IMAGINED THE REST." I ask, did the Wheeling Police Department contact the government about this "monster" incident and get briefed as to how to handle this situation?

The Fairmont Times newspaper article of September 16, 1952 printed the following headline:

         Green-Eyed Monster Again 
    Reported on Loose in State 


The article reported that, "Bashful Billy" was a "10-foot tall monster from another world" and was said to be "gas-breathing." Once again reader, notice similar bells rung between this incident and the Flatwoods and Frametown cases involving "monsters." Here, the referenced "gas breathing" statement was actually the exhaust of the propulsion system, which was part of the lower system of the hovercraft. It seems these devices carried and propelled these aliens... it was their mode of transportation. 

Additionally, this seems to have been the same gas that caused an, "unpleasant odor" as noted by the other previous witnesses, Mrs. May, the boys and then George Snitowsky! 

Now reader, was the "body of a horribly burned woman" really found by the Vineyard Hills locals on that Monday? At this time, there seems to be no evidence of any such horrific incident or accident during that time in the Wheeling area. 

But read between the lines here, reader, because there is usually some sort of truth contained within the context of a complex cover story. 

Was the "Bashful Billy" monster incident just a rumor caused by over-imaginative people who had read about the Flatwoods case? On the other hand, was this the cover story to hide the truth of a horribly burned alien body found there after being dropped off from a damaged UFO in Oglebay Park three days earlier during the September 12 flap?  Curious and more curious, still, reader. 

I ask, did a Wheeling Police officer actually respond to the scene at Vineyard Hills and approach a dead or dying extraterrestrial being and get burned upon making contact with it. Remember what happened to the hood of George Snitowsky's car! 

The Wheeling Intelligencer continued to follow this mysterious "Monster" story. On September 17, 1952, it reported two more sightings of another monster that was called a "roving monster." These sightings occurred on Tuesday, September 16, 1952 in nearby Ohio. One caller had contacted the Intelligencer and reported, "his grandchildren were 'almost scared to death' by something they had seen."

Another Ohio caller reported, "It was 10-15 feet tall and had a green body and red head."  More familiar bells reader! Was this "roving monster" actually another alien looking for the ostensibly stranded alien found dead already by the Wheeling locals the day before?  What was happening "really," in the West Virginia area of Wheeling. 

Read the entire story about the failed TWO-HOUR search and rescue mission for this stranded alien, which occurred over the West Virginia panhandle, western Pennsylvania, and eastern Ohio on September 12 that was explained as a non-existent meteor shower. The Intelligencer had reported this headline earlier on Saturday, September 13, 1952 regarding the objects seen around the Wheeling area during the September 12 UFO flap: 

 Mystery Lights Zip 
Through Skies Here 
Causing Mild Furor

Flashing Light Believed Caused 
By 'Low' Meteors Night Sky Watchers 
Swamp Phone Circuits in Reporting Event

Well reader, this is only the tip of the iceberg here and if you want to read all the accompanying articles regarding these UFO incidents, and other documented incidents involving the September 12, 1952 UFO flap...read on, in Frank Feschino's groundbreaking book, "The Braxton County Monster-UPDATED AND REVISED EDITION-The Cover-up of the Flatwoods Monster Revealed."  Oh and yes reader, this is all, and very much, too real!