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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Flatwoods, WV Map Chronology — September 12th, 1952

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This is a short discussion for a map of West Virginia illustrated with a time line of cited UFO sightings.  What is so astonishing about this initiative is this: were this illustrated map to be a depiction of UFOs comprising their activities over a decade...  it would be impressively compelling enough.  It must wholly shock if a only year is depicted.  A month's depiction and it's impossibly difficult to get your head around... a day is simply inconceivable... but how about an hour and some minutes in change?!  Such was so...

According to the September 12, 1952 Project Blue Book records, the flaming UFO that flew west over the Capitol was the "well known Washington area meteor." The Akron Astronomy Club report stated this "FIREBALL" was sighted at "Approximately 7:00 P.M. E.S.T."  Noted!

This same report also stated the length of time it was sighted. The object was recorded as having a, "Duration: 5-6 seconds."  Note that, reader!

See, contrary to the Air Force's evaluations and findings of this alleged single Fireball meteor, Frank Feschino, Jr. discovered wrinkles to the "obvious otherwise."  That "duration of 5-6 seconds" was to endure quite a stretch!

For years, reader, Feschino searched for and compiled Sept. 12, 1952 UFO reports from various documented sources. Feschino worked diligently with other researchers, archivists, historians and librarians to find a wealth of information contained in obscure national and regional newspaper articles from which named Newspapers were quoting. These articles gave information about the numerous UFOs, sky objects, flying saucers, mysterious lights or so-called meteors, unquestionably seen on that day.

Feschino continued his research and also found several magazine articles containing valuable information about the mysterious UFOs of September 12, 1952.

Throughout his investigation, Feschino even spoke to first-hand UFO witnesses from around the country who had sighted UFOs that night. Furthermore, some of the most abundant UFO information Feschino found was actually contained in the heretofore unsifted civilian and military reports of the September 12, 1952 Project Blue Book files.

Feschino compiled his data and then separated all of the UFO sightings from around the country into categories by state. Paintakingly, he then plotted all of the location points of these UFO sightings and by using the reported times of the sightings and their flight path trajectories, Feschino was able to determine a series of definite patterns.

See reader, by piecing together a meticulous time-line of documented events that occurred that night, Feschino was able to discover that there were actually several different UFOs on several different flight paths, flying in various states of damage and disarray across the United States. This time-line told a very different story than the "single Fireball meteor" explanation as explained by Project Blue Book officials.

On September 12, 1952, several UFOs were sighted over nine eastern states during 21-hours of sustained UFO activity.  Down where weird rubber meets the weirder road?  Most of the ufological activity occurred in right around an hour in and around Flatwoods These sightings CANNOT be attributed to a lone Fireball meteor only "said" to have passed over Washington D.C. that night at 7:00 PM. EST. for a duration of 5-6 seconds.  Meteors don't hang in the air for almost a full day, eh?

Feschino plotted 102 locations —yellow stars on above maps— where witnesses sighted and reported different UFOs flying directly over the following eastern region states of the country":
1. Delaware
2. Maryland
3. North Carolina
4. Ohio
5. Pennsylvania
6. Tennessee
7. Virginia
8. Washington D.C.
9. West Virginia

...Additional states where UFOs were sighted on September 12, 1952:

10. California
11. Illinois
...Curiously, the Project Blue Book records did not include the sightings occurring over Delaware, Ohio, or Tennessee.

Documentation also shows that on September 12, 1952, American civilians and Military officials in those nine east states, reported UFO sightings to the following:

1. The Pentagon
2. USAF Bases
3. The Air Defense Command Headquarters located at Ent AFB, Colorado Springs, Colorado.
4. The United States Navy
5. State Police Headquarters
6. Local Police Headquarters
7. Airports
8. Civil Aeronautics Administration
9. Newspaper offices
10. Government Agencies
11. The FBI

Moreover, Feschino's documentation also shows that four of the UFOs that passed over the United States that night had displayed different characteristics than the others.

These four UFOs had pieces falling from them, were exploding, on fire, displayed sparkling showers, all while flying, erratically, at tree top level.  Quite the whirling dervish of a "meteor," eh? 

Furthermore, it was documented that a commercial airline pilot actually reported a UFO nearly clipping the wing off his passenger plane near Wheeling, WV. that night!  This "meteor" was actually one of the four damaged UFOs.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that even though these objects were flying quickly at very low levels, NOT one sonic boom was recorded anywhere that night!  See, this fact also discounts a meteor.

Though, all four of these UFOs had one major common factor.  All four of the objects made crash-landings and then took off again. Combined, these objects crash-landed a total of twelve times in two different states.

In conclusion, these four objects were heavily damaged UFOs and definitely NOT meteors. To date, NO meteoric impact pits have yet to be found in those areas.

See reader, the "well known Washington area meteor of 12 September." was actually one of the four damaged UFOs that night I repeat again for emphasis. It passed over the Capitol on a western heading at about 7:00 P.M. EST.

It continued west, flew over Virginia, passed over West Virginia, redirected south over the state and then flew over Flatwoods. Shortly after, it was sighted by a group of boys who went to investigate the landing site...

The rest is HISTORY...

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  1. Hello Frank,
    Most amazing show last night on MID. I couldn't listen to the whole show but what I did hear was awesome. I myself had several encounters that I can't explain. I have a question for you.With space wars in 1952 Visually as far as the public knows we weren't taken over by an alien race, But behind the scenes were we taken over from within by Hybrids like shape shifters that are now in the white house slowly taking our rights away and with the technology that we don't even know about are they trying to control the minds of humans by causing all the things we see today like poisoning the food (monsanto)or chemtrails, and vaccines and fluoride to dumb down the populous Or is that just regular greed and power within the govt ?
    I also seen and heard a few videos about the missile installations that were shut down by hovering ufos over military bases? I assume there are good and bad beings from elsewhere like the Pleiadians or Andromedans ? or is that TV hype ?
    Also I ask if there is a way you can post the show on here you did last night with Heather. That would be awesome. and Thank you for a great show last night...

  2. if you can, someone give me more material about this story, I want to know more !! haha ha
    a big hug to all (I'm from Brazil Xd)
    and also to Frank.
    grateful to investigate this case so long.