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Friday, August 30, 2013

Mantz and Mitchell

Day/Date: Friday, September 20, 2013
Time: 10am Pacific, 11am Mountain, Noon Central, 1pm Eastern

The Braxton County Monster 


The Cover-up of the Flatwoods 
Monster Revealed 

Alternative Talk 
1150AM Seattle
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On Friday, September 20, author Frank C. Feschino, Jr. returns to the Seattle, Washington air waves to talk with Gary Mantz and Suzanne Mitchell about his ongoing 21-year investigation into the terrifying "Braxton County Monster" incident and his newly released 2013 "Updated and Revised Edition" book.
Feschino states, "Last years 2012 show was really awesome 
and the Seattle listening audience really enjoyed it. 
Gary and Suzanne are top-notch hosts and it was a 
real pleasure to be on their show. Wow! Gary Mantz 
even went to Flatwoods on a trip earlier this summer! 
Now, that's dedication. This year's 2013 show with 
Gary and Suzanne will be even better."

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

E x p a n d e d Book

Just when you thought it was "safe to go back into the woods again," Flatwoods Monster researcher Frank C. Feschino, Jr. has released an "Updated & Revised Edition" of his truly ground-breaking book, "The Braxton County Monster."  It is expanded significantly.
Mr. Feschino just spoke to me and commented about his ongoing research into the Flatwoods case.  About his new 2013 book Feschino stated, "The Flatwoods Monster case and the UFO events of September 12, 1952 are like one gigantic puzzle and I have been piecing it together for 21 years now."
The author added, "Alfred, the information and answers are out there, they always have been, you just have to find them. With the release of last year's book along with all the publicity I received through several radio shows, it has caused a lot of additional information to surface. Yes, people really started paying attention to the Flatwoods case and taking it very seriously. "
Frank then stated, "As I continued to research the Flatwoods case, I discovered more and more credible information. Meanwhile, there were others, including colleagues, radio listeners and book readers from around the country, who gave me various leads to additional information. It is unbelievable how many people from around the world and this country have emailed me.  Some people have actually gone to their local libraries and sent me old newspaper articles about the "Flatwoods Monster" and the September 12 UFOs, and some have actually sent me original 1950s UFO periodicals."
He adds, "I took all of this newly discovered information, reviewed it and dissected it. Then I reopened my master book and started to put all of this new information into its proper place within the timeline of UFO events.  The story-line begins to solidify further than I had ever hoped."
"In some cases, I took out my original research maps—I have a lot of them—and plotted the sites of the many newly discovered UFO sightings over the mid-Atlantic United States. Actually, I was able to distinguish each individual UFO by their flight-path trajectories, their locations and the times they were sighted. There were also other UFO landings that night and I additionally found out about another crash site in another state altogether.  Needless to say, Blue Book did not have this listed in their files. In total, I found an additional 14 locations where UFO sightings occurred on that night. ...One 'meteor,' right!"  Feschino took a resigned breath...
"You know what it was like with my book being wide-open and adding to it, Alfred?  It was like the book was a patient being operated on, on a hospital operating table. I added everything into the long storyline of the book and truly expanded it, substantively. See, by adding more pieces to the September 12 UFO puzzle, the big picture became much more complete, clearer and updated!  I also added more photos, maps and illustrations to the book, which expanded it even more."
"...You know something, Alfred?  At this time my book is the definitive book on the 'Flatwoods Monster' case, and even my repurchasing readers will not be disappointed."  
Closing, we remember that F-94 fighter pilot John Jones and radar observer John DelCurto—ordered into storming night skies to shoot down UFOs in a secret air war—still have not been found. I suspect they never will... 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August 20, 2013

Everything is on schedule for the release of my new "Updated and Expanded" Braxton County Monster book, which will premiere on the Sept.13 "Kate Valentine UFO Show." 

Additionally, a corresponding video will also be released online via YouTube! 

All this will occur on the 61st Anniversary of the Braxton County Monster encounter in Flatwoods, WV on Sept. 12, 1952.  A lesser known, if no less terrifying, affair, The Frametown Monster Encounter on Sept. 13, 1952 is featured also...

The book contains much more information including: 

1. Additonal Flatwoods eyewitness testimonies about the UFO that flew over Flatwoods, the Monster encounter and the strange oily substance that was found on the Fisher Farm.
2. 14 newly discovered additional locations of UFO sightings occurring on Sept. 12, 1952, which now bring the total amount of UFO sighting locations up to 116 from the previous 102! These new sightings include additional eyewitness information that involve UFO sightings, additional landing sites and yet another crash site area. 

3. Additional information has been added to the closing chapter of the book, which involves a solid official association with problematic DesVergers and highly strange Flatwoods cases. 

4. New customized and updated maps follow the story-line of the UFOs as they flew, landed—were perhaps shot down and crashed—over America on that day. 

5. Updated UFO reference lists for the Sept. 12, 1952 location sightings. 6. New graphics, new illustrations and new photographs have also been added to the book. 

Frank Feschino