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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Feschino, Baby Ariel, And Spiderman!

Steve Markes and Frank Feschino

This past Sunday, Steve Markes and Frank Feschino, Jr. joined forces once again to set up at the Daytona Comic Show in sunny Daytona Beach, Florida for a very worthy cause.
No, Steve and Frank weren't taking on over-sized super-villains and fighting ugly bad guys for truth, justice and... well, you know... These two guys, real good guys actually, were standing up to raise money for baby Ariel Anne Peregrino of Missouri. If you have not followed the story, Feschino, Markes, Alfred Lehmberg and many other friends, are working together to help out baby Ariel Anne. This is the tragic girl born with a rare brain malformation called, Polymicrogyria or "PMG." Last year, Ariel was born with a partial brain, which has causes blindness, developmental delays, seizures and breathing problems. This is to name but a few of the difficulties with which she, and her long suffering family, is faced.
On Sunday, Steve kindly donated an entire booth from his paid setup area where Frank displayed an awesome exhibit of his "Flatwoods Monster" research, investigative materials and artwork. Feschino displayed an inclusive array of his work, but his featured display consisted of the several donated items from his private Flatwoods collection which are now up for sale on Markes' Facebook page, "Tidalwave Comics and Collectibles."
Frank pointed out, "Steve is great! He gave me one of his booths at the show in order to help raise money for Ariel and to make people aware of the rare 'PMG' brain unknown by the mainstream public." He added, "I made a poster display of baby Ariel, featured it on the table and spoke to a lot of people about what we were all doing." Frank said, "The people were great and really helped out, both customers and vendors. We sold one of the lots from my "Flatwoods Monster" collection and also received some donations as well."
Also at the show was the event's Special Guest illustrator, Mr. Alex Saviuk, also a resident from the area. Mr. Saviuk is a well-known comic book illustrator who is most recognized for his work on Marvel's most heroic superhero character in the Marvel Universe, yes readers; that would be "Spider-Man." Among Saviuk's many, many comic illustration credits, is the popular "Web of Spider-Man" comic book title and the famous Sunday newspaper comic strip, "The Amazing Spider-Man." During his career, Alex also drew many of DC comics most famous superhero characters, which include, the Dark Knight, AKA Batman, the Flash, Superman, and the Green Lantern.
Frank Feschino and Mr. Alex Saviuk were no strangers to each other, They've done book signings at other central Florida comic shows with one another over the years. Frank explained to Alex that he and Steve Markes were doing a fundraising for Ariel Peregrino at the show that day. Saviuk, who is well aware of Feschino's work regarding the "Flatwoods Monster" case, was impressed with Frank and Steve's efforts to raise money for the benefit of baby Ariel over this holiday season. Now folks, this is where things get really super-cool!
Frank explained to Alex how his true to life depiction of the "Flatwoods Monster" is heavily copy-written and his illustration images of the "Monster" are not allowed to be reproduced. In other words, Feschino owns several copyrights on the actual true image of the so-called "Flatwoods Monster," and no one else is allowed to reproduce it in any way, shape or form without his written consent. This folks, means that no other illustrator has ever drawn Feschino's "Flatwoods Monster."
Frank then asked the famous web-slinger artist Mr. Saviuk, if he would draw the "Flatwoods Monster" based on his real-life image of the figure and then donate it to raise money for baby Ariel. Frank explained that he has never allowed anyone else to draw it and this would be a first! Being the gentleman that he is, Alex Saviuk kindly agreed to draw Feschino's "Flatwoods Monster" in comic book style, for the benefit of baby Ariel and to let Steve handle the sale of the drawing. Saviuk then went to work, sat in isolation and spent a good portion of the day working on the piece. He brought the "monster" to life with his masterful skills through his pencils and pens. When finished, Alex had drawn a wonderful and very tight pen and ink sketch of Feschino's "Flatwoods Monster." Feschino stated, "Saviuk is my favorite comic illustrator and it is an honor to me to have had him draw this. He is a legendary illustrator and a great guy. It's very kind of him to do this for Ariel." A reminder, readers! This collectors item piece by Alex Saviuk is now being sold through "Tidalwave Comics and Collectibles," with all proceeds of the sale going to baby Ariel and her family.

Alex Saviuk, Spiderman Illustrator

The Flatwoods Monster comes alive, again!

Master Artist at work!

We would like to thank Frank, Alex and Steve and Frank's Flatwoods crew for their charitable efforts in raising money for baby Ariel Anne and her family over this upcoming Holiday Season.
To see everything that is up for sale to benefit baby Ariel go to: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tidalwave-Comics-and-Collectibles/610255979000910

Saviuk, Feschino, and Markes with finished piece!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


...Revealed!  Undeclared secret air war with ET!   No one argues about or reasonably contests an assertion made on the radio for over 10 years... (Thanks for playing Docca Joe!) Why?  Because it's too weird to be real and real is what it just might be... The Extraterrestrial Hypothesis so far up your nose you feel alien boot heels scuffing your chin! Very politically incorrect.  Highly strange facts uncontested by nay-sayers lo these many years.  That seems a little odd, eh?  You know, given the peculiarity of the subject matter?  Seems like the skeptibunkies would be crawling all over and beside themselves to get at Frank to shoot him down, eh? An _easy_ mark!  Just before that strutting ufological popinjay James Mosely sloughed his coil he wrote in his last very aptly titled Saucer Smear words to the effect that the war alluded to above couldn't have happened or he'd have heard about it... ...yeah, well... he was just another one of those feeling safe to dismiss the book having not read the book, eh?


Thursday, December 5, 2013

Frank Feschino And The Flatwoods Crew Stand For Baby Ariel Anne

Baby Ariel

Yesterday, Frank Feschino, Jr. called me from Florida to fill me in on something he was organizing with some of his closer friends. He needed my help. Frank explained what he was doing and I quickly agreed to come on board and support him. It was regarding a facilitated charity for a sweet baby girl who was born with a rare brain disorder in Missouri.
I learned this story actually begins many years ago when Frank began his "Flatwoods Monster" research in Flatwoods, West Virginia. Frank had a hard time during the early years of his research into the Flatwoods case, frankly because he was a Yankee outsider. He wasn't readily accepted by the locals hardened by years of abuse by a purposefully sneering media.
That was all about to change though as fate sailed into the picture. Along the "weirding way," one discovers, Frank had occasion to meet and befriend a couple of the locals at last, key persons, as it included the mayor of Flatwoods, the late Mayor Margaret Clise. It was the very substantive she who really went to bat for Frank.

Add caption
You see folks, as a child, little Peggy Clise had actually witnessed the burning "Flatwoods Monster" craft pass near her home that night as it flew over the now well-known Flatwoods Elementary School playground on September 12, 1952. Peggy Clise also knew the Flatwoods kids! These are the kids who actually saw the "Monster." Clise, being a witness to the craft just before it had landed, was a true believer all her life... the rest is UFO history as Frank has chronicled.
Indeed, throughout the years, Mayor Clise worked closely with Frank, organized many of his events, and arranged book signings in Flatwoods for Frank. These were held at the Landmark "Grandad's Store" near the Flatwoods Elementary School. Her son, one John Clise, a journalist, also assisted them and wrote many of the press releases for their activities and events. 


In 2009, I was honored to take part in of one of Frank's book signing events in Flatwoods, WV, and I also met Mrs. Clise! I talked with her extensively. I recall her as being intellectually impressive and hugely talented in her own right!
Sadly, Margaret Clise, a former writer of some note by profession, passed away a couple of years ago, but her memory lives solidly on. In the meantime, you see, John Clise began an online newspaper called the Central West Virginian. It covers news stories throughout the central part of the state including Braxton County. Frank and John kept in touch over the years and John even dedicated an ongoing page updating his readers of Frank's "Flatwoods Monster" research, events and books. He titled it, "The Flatwoods Green Monster."
To the chase! It was just last week when Frank went online and read John's paper. He was transfixed. On the electronic page he saw a photo posted of a baby girl, Ariel Peregrino. He was compelled to follow her story across the internet. What he discovered moved him deeply.

Ariel and Cheyenne 

Ariel Anne Peregrino, one finds, was born on January 10, 2012 to the parents of Nicholas and Liz Peregrino of Branson, Missouri. Frank learned that baby Ariel was born with a rare brain disorder called, "Polymicrogyria," or "PMG." This is a syndrome indicating a developmental malformation of the brain. It is characterized by an excessive number of convolutions on the brain's surface! The entire surface, or portions of the surface can be affected to varying degrees, and each case is unique to the individual who has it! PMG effects each person differently and those effects are devastating.
Frank called John Clise the next day and asked after the child. He discovered that Liz Peregrino's dad, Rod Freeman, was a close friend of John Clise and Rod was also a columnist at the Central West Virginian.
Frank learned that Ariel was born in the intensive care unit at Cox Medical Center South in Springfield, Missouri. There, doctors determined that part of Ariel's brain was deformed, and part of her brain was even missing! During that hospital admittance she had multiple seizures and was even on an oxygen machine. Ariel was then airlifted to the St. Louis Children's Hospital in St. Louis. On her twenty-third day after being born she was diagnosed with, "PMG."
As a result of this disorder, Ariel has always had terrible seizures, and, though these are controlled most of the time now, she also has breathing problems and is perpetually on oxygen." Coal to Newcastle for this poor little darling, she suffers from sleep apnea, has difficulty urinating and, of course, suffers developmental delays. Also injurious, she is mostly blind, yet may be able to see bright colors such as red and yellow, according to doctors. Finally, one of Ariel's legs is shorter than the other. Indeed, as mother Liz points out, "...Ariel was not expected to live past two months of age...," this was according to those same "doctors." Reader, this is only two months after her January 10, 2012 birthday in March of 2012. Baby Ariel will be 2 years old next month in 2014! 

Ariel in CPAC assist

This poor baby has been singled out for extreme travail and could be called courageous and a real fighter. She is certainly loved by many people. The countless prayers of "Ariel's prayer warriors" would seem to be working!
Frank told me, "Alfred, when I heard and read about the problems that this baby has... it just broke my heart, man." He added, "When I saw all of her pictures online, I choked up."
Frank explained, "Since Ariel was born, she's had trouble breathing. Well, she was in the hospital earlier this year sick—she had a lung problem, you see, on top of everything else. Well, little Ariel somehow overcame the lung problem and bounced back!" Frank also said, "I have never seen such a young baby with so many problems who keeps fighting back and overcoming the problems with which she is cruelly faced. This kid is amazing—a real champ!"
Feschino also learned that there is a mystery surrounding the "PMG" syndrome and there is not much known about it. In an online story, Liz Peregrino stated, "It's scary to think how many people are affected by this disorder and that nobody knows anything about it." She adds, "There is so little known about PMG." Liz stated, "It's a horrible diagnosis and there needs to be more information out there."
At this point, Frank went on to explain that the Peregrino family does have insurance for baby Ariel, but the family is being consumed by additional expenses and bills that are predictably not covered, and they are constantly transporting Ariel to therapists, doctors and hospitals around the state. The insurance falls short as could be predicted. 

Cheyenne and Ariel

Ariel's sister Cheyenne is also a champ in her own right; this youngster is trying to understand and cope with the situation at hand and, likewise, is suffering from the ramifications of the severe money problems. Liz stated, "Some of the bills are not covered... anything that's given the kids will appreciate it." She adds, "but I think the awareness is more important. I wouldn't want anyone else to go through this." Ariel's grandfather, Rod Freeman recently said, "If you can help our little granddaughter, Ariel and her family, it would be much appreciated. Thank you and God Bless."
Frank then explained to me, "Alfred, I want to help, too, so I am putting up many collectables for sale from my own UFO collection for the Peregrino family. I obtained them during my long Flatwoods investigation... I am giving back to the others who need it now and John's suffering friends are in need at this time."
Frank stated, "Alfred, you have been to Flatwoods on several occasions with me—you know, we're like a family, the Flatwoods folks and me ...good people." With the holidays right around the corner, Frank Feschino and I are working with Frank's good friend, Steve Markes from the "Tidalwave Comics & Collectibles" store in Daytona Beach, Florida to try and raise some money for Baby Ariel and her family.
For this charitable cause, Frank is graciously donating some of his original "Flatwoods Monster" artwork drawings and other rare items and memorabilia signed by actual "Flatwoods Monster" eyewitnesses from his personal collection. These rare pieces have never been offered to the public before and have been kept in Feschino's private collection for years.
Frank is also selling other items including autographed books, postcards and photos along with these items! These are being sold in lots featured on Facebook. The URLs follow below.
All proceeds from Feschino's collection will go straight to the Ariel Peregrino and her family. This is a rare occasion to obtain a piece of "Flatwoods Monster" and West Virginia history winnowed out by the leading investigator into the case, and most importantly, this is an opportunity to help a great family at the same time for the holidays.
Please visit and "Like" the Tidalwave Page described below, and also Like the Memorabilia Lot Descriptions, too. It is for the best of good causes. This struggling family needs an assist!

Tidalwave Comics and Collectibles

For further information about these items, please go Facebook and look for: Tidalwave Comics and Collectibles

To read about Ariel, please go to Facebook and look for: Prayers for Ariel Peregrino & the Peregrino Family

To read about the Central West Virginian newspaper go to Facebook and look for: The Central West Virginian

To read about Feschino's "Flatwoods Monster" research go to: www.FlatwoodsMonster.com

Saturday, October 19, 2013

701 -- The Movie


...Got a phone call from Frank Feschino last week!  He had just landed in Los Angeles and was setting up camp at the Hyatt Andaz in West Hollywood. That folks, is the Hollywood hotel where A-list rock stars bed-down and get-down; it's also known as "The Riot House." Yes, Feschino was staying at the famed "Riot House" on Sunset Boulevard for three whole, all-expenses-paid, days as a result of an invitation he had accepted to be interviewed for the new, potentially blockbusting, UFO film, 701-The Movie (http://www.701themovie.com/).
"The Riot House"

Yes, after 21-years Frank Feschino, dozens of forgotten Airmen, the townspeople of Flatwoods, WV, and the "Flatwoods Monster" itself, had finally made it to Hollywood, California... ...and was living it up to the tune of 4 and a half stars, too! That's some grand fashion, to say the least!  Vindication at last?  Perhaps!
Now, anyone who's rocked and rolled in the late 1960s and 70s would know this hotel. It was formerly called "The Continental Hyatt House." It was the choice accommodation for rock bands like The Rolling Stones, The Who and Led Zeppelin et sig al.  The hotel was nicknamed, "The Riot House" entirely because of the insanely outlandish antics of numerous rock bands... ...most notably the legendary 70s "Kings of Rock," Led Zeppelin.  Hey, you weren't anybody until you destroyed a room in that hotel!
As for Frank, he'd been an avid Led Zeppelin fan for most of his life! It was an awesome occasion adding real quality to the trip. Frank indeed advised it was the meaningful punctuation for the whole experience. Not only was he to make his debut in a Hollywood film vindicating dozens of brave people and an arduous research, but he was staying at the hotel where John Bonham, the Zeps tireless drummer, raced a roaring motorcycle up and down richly appointed hallways to terrify the straights!  Kid's, don't try this at home.  
Robert Plant Overlooking
Frank shared, "I'd never gotten a chance to meet my favorite drummer, 'Bonzo,' but on several occasions over the years I got to hang out with his son Jason, also a great drummer, during many of his concert tours in and around central Florida." Frank added, "The Andaz employees saw me wearing my Zep T-shirt and told me mindblowing stories about various Zeppelin stays. 
They also directed me to a large, and very famous, photo on the second floor depicting Robert Plant overlooking the city." Frank told me he had his own private driver, too, cruised Sunset Boulevard like a big-shot, and saw a lot of insider Hollywood while in California. The production company was treating him like a king.
Ines Romero 
Frank was interviewed on the second day of his trip by the beautiful Ines Romero, model and actress. He also worked closely with producers James Fox and Tony Cataldo and spent a lot of time talking with famous writer Tracy Torme.
James Fox
Frank said, "These people are among the most dedicated group of persons I've ever met!  They take their UFO business very seriously just as you and I do.  I felt like I was home and among friends!"  He explained, "The producers were great to work with and they treated me with the utmost respect."
Tony Cataldo
"They wanted to talk to me about the Flatwoods Monster incident... wanting this classic case to be a part of their film; I jumped at the opportunity to be interviewed," Frank said. "We had been talking on the phone for months before my actual interview and when we all met, it was like we had known each other for years."  


He continued, "Ines was the person assigned the task of reading my book and doing the interview. ...And, you know, yes indeed, she really did read the book, numerous times it turned out...and she retained it all!  Obviously brilliant, she must have an eidetic memory, too.  Seriously, she knew the fabric of the story as well as I did!" 
Frank pointed out that his painstaking and exhaustive research approach was much appreciated by the production team.  I pointed out to Frank that they had better, you know? 
See, Frank is able to carry a lot of his "hard" evidence around with him.  For this august occasion he'd brought four large spiral-bound notebooks containing copies of his research documents, the complete Sept. 12, 1952 Blue Book case file, many, many photos, and three prints of the professional "Monster" illustrations he'd done himself.  When he met everyone on the set for the first time, he opened up his briefcase, showed them everything... ...and they were stunned with regard to its quantity and quality!
Frank and A. J. Gaveard
They were hugely impressed with the Flatwoods case, is my take. They loved the massive amount of material that Frank had brought along to show them and they were floored when he told them that this was only a miniscule fraction of his research. He told Tracy and Ines that he had twenty more spiral-bound notebooks, all chock full of Flatwoods documentation like the ones he'd brought, plus a storage unit at home filled with a library of books!       
Frank then related that (the stunning!) Ines Romero interviewed him on the set for about 90 minutes before Tracy Torme came in.  The men talked for about 30-plus minutes more... overall just over two hours of an exhaustive interview. Feschino went on, "You see, me and A. J. Gaveard, who had been flown in from Brazil," (and who Frank got to hang out with a little,) "were the last two people to be interviewed for the movie.  We were their exclamation point, I guess"

Ines Romero
Tracy Torme
He added, "I also met some of the other people interviewed for 701 while I was there, and I was also told about the many, many others who were interviewed before me.  I have to say this is the most awesome line-up of persons ever assembled and brought together for a UFO docudrama that I'm aware of.  The producers did an unbelievable job and I am proud beyond words to be a part of this film! I have to mention the production Manager Brooke, too.  She was absolutely great to work with and my hat is off to her for her expertise in the organizing of it all.  It all ticked like a clock"   
Finally, I had to ask Frank, How did the interview go... you know, overall, man?  What's your feel on the efficacy of the whole exercise... could it possibly be another MonsterQuest?  He answered modestly, "Honestly Alfred, the interview I did for this 701 movie, was well, probably the best interview I ever did in my life...and when you see it you will understand... I didn't get the remotest "MonsterQuest" vibe..."  
701 Cameras
He added, "The MonsterQuest show was an amateur job in comparison to the producers and writers who are handling 701-The Movie. From the beginning, I told the 701 people how disgusted I was with the execution of the MonsterQuest episode. After the MonsterQuest shoot in West Virginia, I was completely in the dark, never contacted again and totally unaware of how the show was going to be edited. I didn't see the show until it actually aired. They never even showed the actual 'Flatwoods Monster' in the reenactment segment of the encounter on the farm! That was bad. Unlike the MonsterQuest producers, the 701 people in California are keeping in constant touch with me and working with me every step of the way! Yes, we are all on the same page about portraying the Flatwoods incident correctly! They want to get it right as much as I do!"
Closing, Feschino is working very closely with the 701 producers on an accurate reenactment of the whole "Flatwoods Monster" encounter... It's in the works!  Stay tuned!
Frank Feschino, Jr.
Oh, ...701?  701, reader, is the number of "unknown" cases, read: most compelling ones, in the Official Blue Book Military UFO files, files figuring heavily into Frank's research.  Read on.      

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"Fringe Radio Show"

"Fringe Radio Show" 
KTKK AM 630 Utah 

with Pat and Carol Schouten

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013 

2-4 am Eastern Time
1-3 am Central Time 
12-2 am Mountain Time
11-1 am Pacific Time


Join the campfire with Frank Feschino, Jr. and Stanton T. Friedman as they are interviewed by hosts Pat and Carol Schouten on K-Talk radio, the third oldest talk radio station in the United States. Frank will be talking about UpDates in his 20-year "Flatwoods Monster" investigation and his recently released 2013 Very significantly  E.X.P.A.N.D.E.D  book:

The Braxton County Monster-REVISED & EXPANDED EDITION-The Cover-up of the Flatwods Monster Revealed.

Stanton Friedman adds commentary and insight as, together, they further ring this thing out!

What everyone needs to remember while they listen is that this event and sister events occurred at the end of the biggest UFO flap in United States UFO history and on the heels of freshly minted orders to the military to shoot those UFOs down... significant to note?

What discredited Florida Case is newly credited?  What were the consequences of a secret air war with ET? What happens when you are struck by 7 pounds of  point detonating high explosive traveling at almost twice the speed of sound?

Friday, August 30, 2013

Mantz and Mitchell

Day/Date: Friday, September 20, 2013
Time: 10am Pacific, 11am Mountain, Noon Central, 1pm Eastern

The Braxton County Monster 


The Cover-up of the Flatwoods 
Monster Revealed 

Alternative Talk 
1150AM Seattle
Streams Live: 
On Friday, September 20, author Frank C. Feschino, Jr. returns to the Seattle, Washington air waves to talk with Gary Mantz and Suzanne Mitchell about his ongoing 21-year investigation into the terrifying "Braxton County Monster" incident and his newly released 2013 "Updated and Revised Edition" book.
Feschino states, "Last years 2012 show was really awesome 
and the Seattle listening audience really enjoyed it. 
Gary and Suzanne are top-notch hosts and it was a 
real pleasure to be on their show. Wow! Gary Mantz 
even went to Flatwoods on a trip earlier this summer! 
Now, that's dedication. This year's 2013 show with 
Gary and Suzanne will be even better."

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

E x p a n d e d Book

Just when you thought it was "safe to go back into the woods again," Flatwoods Monster researcher Frank C. Feschino, Jr. has released an "Updated & Revised Edition" of his truly ground-breaking book, "The Braxton County Monster."  It is expanded significantly.
Mr. Feschino just spoke to me and commented about his ongoing research into the Flatwoods case.  About his new 2013 book Feschino stated, "The Flatwoods Monster case and the UFO events of September 12, 1952 are like one gigantic puzzle and I have been piecing it together for 21 years now."
The author added, "Alfred, the information and answers are out there, they always have been, you just have to find them. With the release of last year's book along with all the publicity I received through several radio shows, it has caused a lot of additional information to surface. Yes, people really started paying attention to the Flatwoods case and taking it very seriously. "
Frank then stated, "As I continued to research the Flatwoods case, I discovered more and more credible information. Meanwhile, there were others, including colleagues, radio listeners and book readers from around the country, who gave me various leads to additional information. It is unbelievable how many people from around the world and this country have emailed me.  Some people have actually gone to their local libraries and sent me old newspaper articles about the "Flatwoods Monster" and the September 12 UFOs, and some have actually sent me original 1950s UFO periodicals."
He adds, "I took all of this newly discovered information, reviewed it and dissected it. Then I reopened my master book and started to put all of this new information into its proper place within the timeline of UFO events.  The story-line begins to solidify further than I had ever hoped."
"In some cases, I took out my original research maps—I have a lot of them—and plotted the sites of the many newly discovered UFO sightings over the mid-Atlantic United States. Actually, I was able to distinguish each individual UFO by their flight-path trajectories, their locations and the times they were sighted. There were also other UFO landings that night and I additionally found out about another crash site in another state altogether.  Needless to say, Blue Book did not have this listed in their files. In total, I found an additional 14 locations where UFO sightings occurred on that night. ...One 'meteor,' right!"  Feschino took a resigned breath...
"You know what it was like with my book being wide-open and adding to it, Alfred?  It was like the book was a patient being operated on, on a hospital operating table. I added everything into the long storyline of the book and truly expanded it, substantively. See, by adding more pieces to the September 12 UFO puzzle, the big picture became much more complete, clearer and updated!  I also added more photos, maps and illustrations to the book, which expanded it even more."
"...You know something, Alfred?  At this time my book is the definitive book on the 'Flatwoods Monster' case, and even my repurchasing readers will not be disappointed."  
Closing, we remember that F-94 fighter pilot John Jones and radar observer John DelCurto—ordered into storming night skies to shoot down UFOs in a secret air war—still have not been found. I suspect they never will... 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August 20, 2013

Everything is on schedule for the release of my new "Updated and Expanded" Braxton County Monster book, which will premiere on the Sept.13 "Kate Valentine UFO Show." 

Additionally, a corresponding video will also be released online via YouTube! 

All this will occur on the 61st Anniversary of the Braxton County Monster encounter in Flatwoods, WV on Sept. 12, 1952.  A lesser known, if no less terrifying, affair, The Frametown Monster Encounter on Sept. 13, 1952 is featured also...

The book contains much more information including: 

1. Additonal Flatwoods eyewitness testimonies about the UFO that flew over Flatwoods, the Monster encounter and the strange oily substance that was found on the Fisher Farm.
2. 14 newly discovered additional locations of UFO sightings occurring on Sept. 12, 1952, which now bring the total amount of UFO sighting locations up to 116 from the previous 102! These new sightings include additional eyewitness information that involve UFO sightings, additional landing sites and yet another crash site area. 

3. Additional information has been added to the closing chapter of the book, which involves a solid official association with problematic DesVergers and highly strange Flatwoods cases. 

4. New customized and updated maps follow the story-line of the UFOs as they flew, landed—were perhaps shot down and crashed—over America on that day. 

5. Updated UFO reference lists for the Sept. 12, 1952 location sightings. 6. New graphics, new illustrations and new photographs have also been added to the book. 

Frank Feschino

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Frank Feschino in Daytona Beach, Florida


Holiday Inn & Suites
930 North Atlantic Avenue (A1A)
Daytona Beach, Florida 32118

Sunday - June 9, 2013
10:00 am. - 4:00 pm.
Free Parking

Steve of "World of Comics" in South Daytona, Florida, proudly presents another legendary comic and vintage toy convention, which will include a variety of Central Florida's finest book and collectible vendors.

For this event, Steve has included an outstanding line up of guest illustrators that will appear in the show's "Artist Room." These illustrators will be displaying a variety of their art work and will also be signing autographs.

This year's Special Guest Illustrators at the convention will include:

Author & Illustrator, Frank C. Feschino, Jr.

AC Comics Publisher & Artist, Bill Black.

Comic Illustrator & Designer, George Moss.

SPECIAL GUEST: Bruce Minney. Legendary illustrator best-known for his cover art paintings on classic Men's Adventure Magazines and paperbacks.

For this event, Frank C. Feschino, Jr. will display some of the research that he uncovered during his 20-year investigation into the terrifying 1952 "Braxton County Monster" close encounter incident.

He will also be selling and signing copies of his latest groundbreaking book, "The Braxton County Monster-Revised Edition-The Cover-up of the Flatwoods Monster Revealed."

Feschino will also have available, "Limited Edition" posters and prints of his "Braxton County Monster" illustrations, which were used in his book and also appeared on the History Channel TV show, Monsterquest.

This show is a fun-filled event for the entire family and is located on beachside of beautiful Daytona Beach along A1A. For further information - please contact: "World of Comics" at 386-760-0555