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Monday, August 6, 2012

The Braxton County Monster --REVISED EDITION--

The Braxton County Monster 
The Cover-up of the Flatwoods Monster Revealed 
By Frank C. Feschino, Jr. 

The "Braxton County Monster" Returns to West Virginia for the 60th Anniversary of the incident!

Brothers Bailey Promotions of Charleston, WV. proudly presents the official "West Virginia" release of Frank Feschino's new 2012 "Revised Edition" book at the Charleston Civic Center.

Author/Illustrator Frank C. Feschino, Jr., who led a 20-year investigation into the terrifying "Braxton County Monster" close encounter UFO incident of 1952, will be at the 2012 West Virginia Book Festival on October 13 and 14. 

Joining Feschino at booth 603 in the North Hall will be Veteran Master Aviator Alfred Lehmberg, US Army (Retired).  Mr. Lehmberg, a feature writer and columnist for UFO Magazine who contributed the book's cover review and has written extensively on the case, will be signing this groundbreaking book with Mr. Feschino during the 2-day event. 

For this special West Virginia book release event, Feschino will display some of the rare research material that he discovered during his 20-year investigation into the case and will also show his UFO documentary about the "Braxton County Monster," titled "Shoot Them Down." 

Come see the 12-foot-tall "Braxton County Monster" and replica "flying saucer" at booth 603 and discover why Feschino's new 2012 "Revised Edition" book is the true (and only) authorative book written about the 1952 "Braxton County Monster" incident. 

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Media relations personnel may contact Mr. Larry Bailey in Charleston, WV at 304-550-2426

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