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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Today Is 60 Year Anniversary Of The Famed "Flatwoods Monster" Event

60TH ANNIVERARY September 12, 1952 - September 12, 2012

Around dusk on September 12, 1952, the small country town of Flatwoods, West Virginia slipped irretrievably into a real-world Twilight Zone.  By report: A flaming UFO flew directly overhead at treetop level, made a hard 90 degree left turn, and then settled behind the trees on a hilltop just southeast of the location of a small group of witnesses standing, justifiably, slack-jawed! Very shortly thereafter, several local residents went in search of the large downed "object," indeed landing nearby on the now famous Bailey Fisher Farm.

During their intrepid quest to find the downed object, the group was abruptly terrified when they very unexpectedly encountered what might be the 12-foot-tall occupant of said damaged craft, after it had perhaps sought refuge along the bordering woods of the bare hilltop landing zone, but coming out at them from behind a huge white oak, lit up like a Christmas tree!

This "strange occupant," later called the "Braxton County Monster" or "Flatwoods Monster," was very likely a huge and hovering metallic-like structure acting as what might be called a vehicular probe or conveyance. The witnesses, often and from the beginning, compared it to a mechanical spacesuit... with something seemingly sentient inside; a "being," even... a "being" clad in a protective suit of armor.        

Within days, the story of the "Braxton County Monster" became as far-reaching as named newspapers and radio stations around the United States—mainstream media vociferously telling the story of this "gigantic unknown alien visitor"—will make it far-reaching!  Not restricted to the United States, it was not to be the end of the story!

One week later the two main adult witnesses—plus the Braxton County newspaper reporter involved—appeared on the very popular national TV Magazine show called, "We the People."  Here, the television sketch artist hurriedly talked to the witnesses and so very incorrectly illustrated this giant mechanical occupant—rendering it instead to appear as a pumpkin headed, cloth hooded, and claw-waving "monster"— a monster wearing a sweet-sixteen skirt and hovering a foot or so off the ground!  

To add insult to injury, the Intelligence officials at Project Blue Book stated the witnesses "probably saw an owl perched on a tree limb" and that the "underbrush below" may have "given the impression of a giant figure." "In their excitement, they imagined the rest," it was said! Moreover, the alien occupant's damaged craft, which had flown additionally West over Washington, DC, in flames, landed in Flatwoods!  It was officially claimed to be "the well-known Washington area meteor."  Folks, that "meteor" was in the air over 21 hours, flew at slow speeds and changed direction many times!  I'll let the reader decide what kind of meteor it was!

Yes, a cover-up was quickly put in place as Americans panicked over the already record amount of UFO sightings occurring over the United States that whole year! Furthermore, the Flatwoods incident occurred only six-weeks after the USAF had ominously revealed, to wit: that "the jet pilots are, and have been, under orders to investigate unidentified objects, and to "shoot them down," reader, "if they can't talk them down"!  Cue the crisis music!     

Over the years, the story became fatuously and grossly distorted!  Rumors ran riotous, rampant, and roughshod over the townspeople! Said townspeople consequently became tired of the insulting inconsistencies written about the incident. The eyewitnesses, themselves, were subsequently singled out for special attention—were ridiculed tirelessly and mercilessly—while the "Flatwoods Monster" was written-off and relegated, over the years, to a quaint West Virginia tale of "hillbilly folklore." The American government's massive cover-up of this close encounter incident was indeed a well executed plan lasting many years. ...But even the best of cover-ups have holes in them!  Torn evidentiary seams eventually split open to reveal the truth!

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Forty-years after this amazing incident occurred; Frank C. Feschino Jr. discovered the "Braxton County Monster" story and began looking into it. That is when Aviation history was changed. Tirelessly, he has now spent more than twenty-years investigating the Flatwoods incident!   This is the longest investigation ever conducted into the case in record, thus Feschino is THE subject matter expert on this astonishing event!            

At last, sixty-years after the incident, Frank Feschino, Jr. has released his new book, "The Braxton County Monster—REVISED EDITION—the Cover-up of the 'Flatwoods Monster' Revealed."  Now, the entire and non-redacted truth of this incident is told in Feschino's amazing book, which records this entire 20-year investigation!  

Larry Bailey     --     Alfred Lehmberg

Frank Feschino, Jr.  --   Stanton Fiedman

Most humbly, this being the 60th anniversary of this terrifying incident: Frank Feschino Jr., Stanton Friedman, and Alfred Lehmberg—among other significant colleagues—would like to take a moment to remember the Braxton County witnesses who worked unfailingly and unstintingly with Frank.  These have since passed on during the writing of his new "Braxton County Monster" book, and live on only in the video and written record. Without them, the truth of "Braxton County Monster" incident could not be known.

In remembrance of:

  • Colonel Dale Leavitt, WV National Guard commander in 1952, who went to the Flatwoods landing site with a heavy Battalion of Army troops shortly after the incident.

  • Mrs. Kathleen May, primary eyewitness to the "Flatwoods Monster," who came within a few feet of the figure during her close encounter.

  • Lee Stewart, Jr, photojournalist who first interviewed the witnesses and then broke the "Flatwoods Monster" story to the news press.

  • Margaret Clise, former Flatwoods Mayor, who saw the damaged craft fly over Flatwoods at low-level, just before it landed on the farm!

  • Jack Davs, local businessman, who saw the damaged craft pass over Flatwoods and then land on the Fisher Farm a few moments later.

  • Harvey Wolf, former aerospace physicist, who worked with Lockheed and assisted Frank with his research. 

  • A special rememberance to USAF F-94 fighter pilot 2nd Lt. John A. Jones, Jr. and radar observer, John DelCurto. These men both perished in their jet on September 12, 1952 under mysterious circumstances.  

In honor of the 60th Anniversary of the Flatwoods Green Monster, a special thank you goes out to stalwarts John Clise, doting son of Margaret above and the editor of the "Central West Virginian" newspaper, the witness Fred May, the whole of the May family, and all the other families, witnesses and assistants who worked with Frank to tell the real story of the "Braxton County Monster" in his new "REVISED EDITION."  

Near last but not least, Frank and his colleagues wish to thank Mr. Larry Bailey of Brothers Bailey Promotions for his professional support with this project and a special thank you to the Law Firm of Bowles, Rice, McDavid, Graft & Love, LLP, for making the book a reality.       

Finally, Frank C. Feschino, Jr's, 20-year UFO research project is ultimately dedicated to the brave American fighter pilots and other flyers who scrambled their aircraft into the dark skies of the wholly unknown after UFOs to "shoot them down," but never returned home...

For more information please go to: www.FlatwoodsMonster.com

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