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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Feschino, Baby Ariel, And Spiderman!

Steve Markes and Frank Feschino

This past Sunday, Steve Markes and Frank Feschino, Jr. joined forces once again to set up at the Daytona Comic Show in sunny Daytona Beach, Florida for a very worthy cause.
No, Steve and Frank weren't taking on over-sized super-villains and fighting ugly bad guys for truth, justice and... well, you know... These two guys, real good guys actually, were standing up to raise money for baby Ariel Anne Peregrino of Missouri. If you have not followed the story, Feschino, Markes, Alfred Lehmberg and many other friends, are working together to help out baby Ariel Anne. This is the tragic girl born with a rare brain malformation called, Polymicrogyria or "PMG." Last year, Ariel was born with a partial brain, which has causes blindness, developmental delays, seizures and breathing problems. This is to name but a few of the difficulties with which she, and her long suffering family, is faced.
On Sunday, Steve kindly donated an entire booth from his paid setup area where Frank displayed an awesome exhibit of his "Flatwoods Monster" research, investigative materials and artwork. Feschino displayed an inclusive array of his work, but his featured display consisted of the several donated items from his private Flatwoods collection which are now up for sale on Markes' Facebook page, "Tidalwave Comics and Collectibles."
Frank pointed out, "Steve is great! He gave me one of his booths at the show in order to help raise money for Ariel and to make people aware of the rare 'PMG' brain unknown by the mainstream public." He added, "I made a poster display of baby Ariel, featured it on the table and spoke to a lot of people about what we were all doing." Frank said, "The people were great and really helped out, both customers and vendors. We sold one of the lots from my "Flatwoods Monster" collection and also received some donations as well."
Also at the show was the event's Special Guest illustrator, Mr. Alex Saviuk, also a resident from the area. Mr. Saviuk is a well-known comic book illustrator who is most recognized for his work on Marvel's most heroic superhero character in the Marvel Universe, yes readers; that would be "Spider-Man." Among Saviuk's many, many comic illustration credits, is the popular "Web of Spider-Man" comic book title and the famous Sunday newspaper comic strip, "The Amazing Spider-Man." During his career, Alex also drew many of DC comics most famous superhero characters, which include, the Dark Knight, AKA Batman, the Flash, Superman, and the Green Lantern.
Frank Feschino and Mr. Alex Saviuk were no strangers to each other, They've done book signings at other central Florida comic shows with one another over the years. Frank explained to Alex that he and Steve Markes were doing a fundraising for Ariel Peregrino at the show that day. Saviuk, who is well aware of Feschino's work regarding the "Flatwoods Monster" case, was impressed with Frank and Steve's efforts to raise money for the benefit of baby Ariel over this holiday season. Now folks, this is where things get really super-cool!
Frank explained to Alex how his true to life depiction of the "Flatwoods Monster" is heavily copy-written and his illustration images of the "Monster" are not allowed to be reproduced. In other words, Feschino owns several copyrights on the actual true image of the so-called "Flatwoods Monster," and no one else is allowed to reproduce it in any way, shape or form without his written consent. This folks, means that no other illustrator has ever drawn Feschino's "Flatwoods Monster."
Frank then asked the famous web-slinger artist Mr. Saviuk, if he would draw the "Flatwoods Monster" based on his real-life image of the figure and then donate it to raise money for baby Ariel. Frank explained that he has never allowed anyone else to draw it and this would be a first! Being the gentleman that he is, Alex Saviuk kindly agreed to draw Feschino's "Flatwoods Monster" in comic book style, for the benefit of baby Ariel and to let Steve handle the sale of the drawing. Saviuk then went to work, sat in isolation and spent a good portion of the day working on the piece. He brought the "monster" to life with his masterful skills through his pencils and pens. When finished, Alex had drawn a wonderful and very tight pen and ink sketch of Feschino's "Flatwoods Monster." Feschino stated, "Saviuk is my favorite comic illustrator and it is an honor to me to have had him draw this. He is a legendary illustrator and a great guy. It's very kind of him to do this for Ariel." A reminder, readers! This collectors item piece by Alex Saviuk is now being sold through "Tidalwave Comics and Collectibles," with all proceeds of the sale going to baby Ariel and her family.

Alex Saviuk, Spiderman Illustrator

The Flatwoods Monster comes alive, again!

Master Artist at work!

We would like to thank Frank, Alex and Steve and Frank's Flatwoods crew for their charitable efforts in raising money for baby Ariel Anne and her family over this upcoming Holiday Season.
To see everything that is up for sale to benefit baby Ariel go to: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tidalwave-Comics-and-Collectibles/610255979000910

Saviuk, Feschino, and Markes with finished piece!

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