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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Feschino Reveals New Illustration of the 1952 "Strange Creek Monster" of Braxton County

"Strange Creek Monster"

Feschino Reveals New Illustration of the 1952 "Strange Creek Monster" of Braxton County

Last month I posted an article regarding yet another firsthand witness who had come forward to explain that he was seemingly involved in the "Flatwoods Monster" affair of September 1952. In that article, the new Braxton County witness contacted Frank Feschino, Jr. with information about his sighting occurring on his family's property in "Strange Creek" WV, during the early morning hours of September 13, 1952. The witness, a boy at the time, had described to Frank a large 8-9 foot-tall, glowing, if metallic-looking structure, which was gray/aluminum in color, and hovering up the driveway toward his home!

Yes, reader, there does seem to be a direct connection between this incident and the "Flatwoods Monster" encounter on the Fisher Farm, as well as the "Frametown Monster" incident involving the Snitowsky family occurring September 13, 1952. See, the tiny town of "Strange Creek" is located just southwest of Frametown, where the Snitowsky incident occurred later that night. Frank had called me and explained the incident after speaking to the witness that afternoon. Subsequently, I wrote the article, "Frank Feschino and the Incident at Strange Creek."

Since that last article, Feschino, a school trained illustrator remember, has been working diligently on an illustration faithfully depicting that large metallic-like structure that the "Strange Creek" witness had described to him during their conversation. For background, I will explain how all three of these so-called "Monster" incidents are connected, and were actually the same entity sighted at three different locations, Flatwoods, Frametown, and Strange Creek.

"Flatwoods Monster"

An overview of Feschino's research shows, one will recall, that the "Flatwoods Monster" was actually a large—nearly 12-feet-tall—metallic-seeming structure. By working with the actual eyewitnesses and past documentations of the case, Feschino had concluded that this structure was likely some sort of a hovering spacesuit containing a large "being" within. This "spacesuit," then—a shell—was a mode of transportation complete with a propulsion system of some type which lifted and carried the occupant across the terrain over which it traveled. The overall appearance of the structure was described by witnesses, then—and now—as looking "mechanical."

This apparatus also acted, apparently, as a protective suit for an occupant forced to leave its downed craft on the Fisher Farm in Flatwoods and move into a foreign environment. One might imagine an astronaut departing his lunar module and walking on the surface of the moon. Additionally, this metallic-like structure could have possibly protected the occupant from hostile actions taken against it. It could have, reader, been a suit of armor.

When Mrs. May and the boys encountered the "Flatwoods Monster" on the Fisher Farm at about 8:00 p.m. on September 12, 1952, the being was enclosed in the entire suit, making it the reported twelve feet. The color of the upper and lower torso areas was described as looking like the color of aluminum. Feschino concludes this spacesuit consisted of various parts described below:

1. OUTER HELMET. A black ace-of-spades shaped outer helmet that sat upon the shoulders of the upper torso area. This outer helmet also had a clear glass-like barrier located at the front of it. The entire helmet was approximately three feet high and about three feet wide at the base.
Form of "Monster"

2. INNER HELMET. Set inside the black outer helmet, was a red-colored interior helmet that had two large porthole eye openings. It was "worn" by the occupant. The neck area consisted of some sort of collar covering and this inner helmet rotated upon this collar.

3. UPPER TORSO. The upper torso of the structure was about three feet wide at the top and flared toward the waist area. Attached to the upper portion of the torso were a pair of antennae-looking devices, which were said to resemble small mechanical toy-like hands.

4. LOWER TORSO. The lower torso flared out from the waist area to the bottom area. The bottom area was said to be approximately four feet across. Set upon the lower torso were thick pipes situated vertically and equally spaced around the lower torso. They were described as being silver in color and as thick as a fireman's hose. The pipes seemed to be the exhaust outlets for the propulsion system capable of lifting the large fabricated unit.

Now, through separate documentation and other testimonies, Feschino was able to track the flight path of the "Flatwoods Monster" after it departed Flatwoods just after its encounter with Mrs. May, her two sons, and the other boys. It had reboarded its damaged craft, followed the Elk River southwest, and then flew into the secluded region of "Frametown" where it landed on James Knoll, approximately seventeen miles away. About one full day later, George and Edith Snitowsky encountered the "Frametown Monster" on the following night at about 8:00 p.m.

"Frametown Monster"

Feschino concludes that the being the Snitowskys saw and closely encountered that night, was actually the "Flatwoods Monster" with its outer helmet, inner helmet and upper torso spacesuit "parts" removed. There, the large occupant being was seen in the flesh from its head down to the waist area, yet was still encased in the lower portion of the apparatus and hovering very near to them. During this incident, the being's large head, bloated upper body, long arms and forked, three fingered hands was seen by the witnesses, terrified at the sight of it, remember, and even sickened, made physically ill by its noxious exhaust.

Presently, now, we have the recent witness who just came forward to Feschino last month explaining his encounter in Strange Creek on the early morning of September 13, 1952 at about 3:00 am. This "Strange Creek" incident does fit into the existentiality of events occurring in Braxton County during that fateful twenty-four hour period between the "Flatwoods Monster" encounter and the "Frametown Monster" encounter. This sighting occurred about seven hours after the Flatwoods encounter and about fifteen hours before the Snitowsky sighting. Moreover, Strange Creek is located just south of James Knoll in Frametown, where the craft went down after Flatwoods. This indicates that the being seemed to have departed its damaged craft after landing in Frametown and was seen next in Strange Creek around 3:00 am and minus its helmet. Here in Strange Creek, then, we actually have the second sighting of the "Flatwoods Monster," the third sighting being in Frametown, later that night, and the tall structure at last minus its helmet and chest-piece.

Here is an interesting point to note in the Strange Creek incident: when the Strange Creek witness saw Feschino's illustrations of the "Flatwoods Monster" as described by the Flatwoods witnesses, he told Frank that he definitely did not see the big helmet or anything that resembled a helmet. He also said to Frank that since it was said to be wearing a helmet in Flatwoods, it must have taken it off before he saw it in Strange Creek. Subsequently, Feschino has reasonably concluded that the being must have taken the outer helmet and inner helmet portions of the suit off after it landed in Frametown but prior to the Strange Creek sighting. Later that night, the "Monster" was seen again a short distance away by the Snitowsky's. There the upper torso appears to have been removed.

Above, seen for the first time, is the newly released black and white illustration by Frank Feschino, Jr. It depicts the "Strange Creek Monster" as seen on September 13, 1952. For more information, videos and audio about the "Flatwoods Monster" case, please go to www.FlatwoodsMonster.com

Curious and Curiouser. 


  1. Excellent work by Frank and his friends. They all deserve a huge appreciation for all of this research.
    Just a couple of questions:
    I'm wondering how many people saw things, and never mentioned them to anyone. Possibly deceased now. Or possibly silent forever.
    Has Frank gathered any evidence that he hasn't made public yet, for whatever reason?
    Also, the "Monster" was fully suited in Flatwoods, partially suited in Strange Creek, and mostly unsuited in Frametown. Is it possible that he left the parts in the woods? He left his saucer, and was rescued by another. Parts might still be hidden in the woods!
    I'm hoping Frank and his friends mount a search for more evidence, and that more people come forward. Be as brave as the others from WV!