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Thursday, September 15, 2016

"BASHFUL BILLY" Another Downed ET Pilot?

The Stranded Alien of WheelingWV
64th Anniversary Incident of 
September 12, 1952 UFO Events

Shortly after the "Flatwoods Monster" and "Frametown Monster" crash occupant episodes occurred in Braxton County, WV on September 12th and 13th in 1952, another huge alien "Monster" was reportedly sighted in another region of West Virginia that terrified some local witnesses. That day shrouded in mystery was Monday, September 15, 1952. This incident occurred in the northern panhandle of the state near Wheeling in the Vineyard Hills Housing Development, an area approximately five miles from Oglebay Park, a huge sprawling 1,650-acre public resort.


Vineyard Hills

Flashback three days earlier to the September 12, 1952 UFO flap. Three mid-Atlantic damaged UFOs proceeded west and went down in the United States.  They were; 1) Arcadia, Tennessee 2) Wheeling, West Virginia and 3) Flatwoods, West Virginia

Here, reader, was the second damaged UFO that went down in the Oglebay Park area near Wheeling that involving an occupant later sighted by the locals in Vineyard Hills. This crash occupant episode wasn't nearly as well-known as the two previous Braxton County close encounters - but this so-called "Monster" incident also reflects the incidence of being quickly covered up by officials. In this case it was local officials, more specifically, the Wheeling Police Department.


On September 16, 1952, an article on the front page of the 
Wheeling Intelligencer newspaper reported the following headline:
                 Powered by Suggestion?

 'Monster' From Outer Space 
Arrives Here Via 'Saucer' 
The opening of this article stated, "Bashful Billy," the monster from outer space and southern West Virginia, arrived in Wheeling by flying saucer yesterday and promptly set tongues wagging and telephones burning."

Here, reader, take note of the reflex ridicule in this statement. Curiously, the article also stated, "One call to the Intelligencer office asked if it was true that the horribly burned body of a woman was found at Vineyard Hills and that a policeman was burned mysteriously about the arm." What?! 

Now, reader, especially those who are familiar with the Braxton County incidents, read this additional reportage, "Callers also reported that an unpleasant odor was produced by the monster." 

Notice reader, the familiar bells decidedly rung between this incident and the previous two close encounters at the aforementioned Flatwoods and Frametown involving "monsters."

An officer from the Wheeling Police Department was interviewed about the incident, "Lieutenant Murphy said undoubtedly the rumors were caused by over-active imagination following yesterday's Intelligencer story of an outer-world monster, reportedly spotted in the woods near Sutton, W.Va."

This article also reported, "The Wheeling monster must have been a 'Bashful Billy,' however, as, none of the people who called the Intelligence or police had actually seen the fugitive from fairyland, but were merely passing on reports from people who had talked to people who heard about the Vineyard Hill Frankenstein."

Once again reader, the witness "over-active imagination" factor came into play here as it did in the "Flatwoods Monster" case; in 1953, Albert Chop, public liasion for the USAF told Major Donald Keyhoe the following about the witnesses involved in the "Flatwoods Monster" encounter: "The group did see two glowing eyes, probably those of a large owl perched on a limb. Underbrush below may have given the impression of a giant figure. IN THEIR EXCITEMENT THEY IMAGINED THE REST." I ask, did the Wheeling Police Department contact the government about this "monster" incident and get briefed as to how to handle this situation?

The Fairmont Times newspaper article of September 16, 1952 printed the following headline:

         Green-Eyed Monster Again 
    Reported on Loose in State 


The article reported that, "Bashful Billy" was a "10-foot tall monster from another world" and was said to be "gas-breathing." Once again reader, notice similar bells rung between this incident and the Flatwoods and Frametown cases involving "monsters." Here, the referenced "gas breathing" statement was actually the exhaust of the propulsion system, which was part of the lower system of the hovercraft. It seems these devices carried and propelled these aliens... it was their mode of transportation. 

Additionally, this seems to have been the same gas that caused an, "unpleasant odor" as noted by the other previous witnesses, Mrs. May, the boys and then George Snitowsky! 

Now reader, was the "body of a horribly burned woman" really found by the Vineyard Hills locals on that Monday? At this time, there seems to be no evidence of any such horrific incident or accident during that time in the Wheeling area. 

But read between the lines here, reader, because there is usually some sort of truth contained within the context of a complex cover story. 

Was the "Bashful Billy" monster incident just a rumor caused by over-imaginative people who had read about the Flatwoods case? On the other hand, was this the cover story to hide the truth of a horribly burned alien body found there after being dropped off from a damaged UFO in Oglebay Park three days earlier during the September 12 flap?  Curious and more curious, still, reader. 

I ask, did a Wheeling Police officer actually respond to the scene at Vineyard Hills and approach a dead or dying extraterrestrial being and get burned upon making contact with it. Remember what happened to the hood of George Snitowsky's car! 

The Wheeling Intelligencer continued to follow this mysterious "Monster" story. On September 17, 1952, it reported two more sightings of another monster that was called a "roving monster." These sightings occurred on Tuesday, September 16, 1952 in nearby Ohio. One caller had contacted the Intelligencer and reported, "his grandchildren were 'almost scared to death' by something they had seen."

Another Ohio caller reported, "It was 10-15 feet tall and had a green body and red head."  More familiar bells reader! Was this "roving monster" actually another alien looking for the ostensibly stranded alien found dead already by the Wheeling locals the day before?  What was happening "really," in the West Virginia area of Wheeling. 

Read the entire story about the failed TWO-HOUR search and rescue mission for this stranded alien, which occurred over the West Virginia panhandle, western Pennsylvania, and eastern Ohio on September 12 that was explained as a non-existent meteor shower. The Intelligencer had reported this headline earlier on Saturday, September 13, 1952 regarding the objects seen around the Wheeling area during the September 12 UFO flap: 

 Mystery Lights Zip 
Through Skies Here 
Causing Mild Furor

Flashing Light Believed Caused 
By 'Low' Meteors Night Sky Watchers 
Swamp Phone Circuits in Reporting Event

Well reader, this is only the tip of the iceberg here and if you want to read all the accompanying articles regarding these UFO incidents, and other documented incidents involving the September 12, 1952 UFO flap...read on, in Frank Feschino's groundbreaking book, "The Braxton County Monster-UPDATED AND REVISED EDITION-The Cover-up of the Flatwoods Monster Revealed."  Oh and yes reader, this is all, and very much, too real!

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